Schneider owner operator FAQs



Q: How does Schneider calculate compensation for services my business renders? Is it by the mile or an all-in/flat rate?

A: Van Truckload and Tanker owner-operators who do business with Schneider receive an all-in or flat rate for each load they choose to haul. Port Dray owner-operators receive mileage-based revenue. Mileage rates for Port Dray owner-operators are determined by the type of freight being hauled and the length of haul.

Q: How do Schneider owner-operators and fleet owners on the All-In Revenue Choice Lease program choose their loads?

A: Van Truckload and Tanker owner-operators have access to Schneider’s private load board. They can scroll through load options and select the ones they want to haul. Selecting freight is a simple process and can be done from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Q: How often will my business be compensated for services?

A: Owner-operators and fleet owners receive weekly settlements from Schneider. Bills must be received by Monday at 7 p.m. (Central Standard Time) to be paid the following Friday.

Q: How can I grow my business from one truck to owning a fleet?

A: The best way for owner-operators to grow their business and become a fleet owner is to call Schneider’s fleet owner hotline at 844-435-3387 (844-4-FLEETS) and talk with an expert.

Q: Is there an age requirement on my tractor?

A: A truck’s age requirement depends on what type of service your business provides.

  • Van owner-operators: 2010 or newer to operate in all 48 states. 2000 or newer to operate in the eastern 37 states.
  • Tanker owner-operators: 2010 or newer.
  • Port Dray owner-operators: 2000 or newer to operate in all states but California. California requires trucks to be 2010 or newer.

All trucks must pass DOT inspection.

Q: Does Schneider offer PrePass?

A: PrePass is available through Schneider for $15.50 per month.

Q: Can I get fuel at Schneider locations?

A: Owner-operators and fleet owners who do business with Schneider can purchase fuel at any of our facilities with fuel pumps using the EFS fuel card. They can also take advantage of discounted rates through Schneider at Pilot Flying J, Loves and TA-Petro.

Q: Who pays the fuel tax?

A: Schneider tracks and reports owner-operators’ fuel usage tax, but owner-operators are responsible for paying it.

Q: Will Schneider cover my base plates and permits?

A: Schneider offers base plates and permits at a discounted rate of $35 per week.

Q: Do I have to drive into New York City?

A: There is no cost for the installation or usage of the platform.

Q: Is insurance available through Schneider?

A: Schneider requires all owner-operators and fleet owners to carry occupational accident insurance, unladen/non-trucking bobtail insurance and physical damage insurance. Take advantage of Schneider’s discounted rate through True North or work through another vendor.

Q: Does Schneider offer business and truck discounts?

A: Schneider’s Purchase Power Program offers discounts on everything from tires and maintenance to chains and glass.