Ocean containers stacked high in a port


“As a Schneider owner-operator, you have more freedom and more flexibility. You don't have to worry about anybody else trying to make your schedule for you. It's all on you.”

Scott Humphriesowner-operator
Port Drayage owner-operator hauls an ocean container out of the port

Earn more revenue. Stay close to home.

Enjoy frequent and predictable home time while hauling containers that are mostly drop-and-hook and choosing from a variety of load options.

Reasons to do business with Schneider as a drayage owner-operator or fleet owner

  • Consistent miles and lanes

    Pick the freight you want to haul

    Choose from a wide variety of loads and lane options – all offer consistent revenue and home time that can be flexible with your schedule.

  • Frequent home time

    Get home daily or multiple times per week

    Whether you choose local or regional loads, you’ll have the opportunity to be home often – either daily or multiple times per week.

  • Predictable revenue

    Consistent loads = predictable revenue

    Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to revenue your business can depend on. Owner-operators who lease-on with Schneider know when and where they’ll be hauling freight, which provides peace of mind that they’ll earn the revenue their business needs.

  • Steady freight

    Load options specifically for owner-operators

    Leasing-on with Schneider means hauling loads that are primarily drop-and-hook. Plus, spend less time searching for freight and more time hauling it.

    Schneider makes getting loads simple for drayage owner-operators.

  • More revenue for your business

    Increase your revenue

    Many drayage owner-operators who do business with Schneider are generating $225,000-$250,000 in annual revenue, all while getting home daily or throughout the week. Top drayage owner-operators are bringing in $300,000 each year.

    Revenue is paid out in reliable weekly settlements.

  • Resources to keep your business moving

    Spend less time sitting and more time driving

    Drayage owner-operators who haul freight in regions with ports notice the difference of Schneider’s company-owned chassis. Not having to rely on the shared chassis pool allows drayage owner-operators to get in and out of the ports quicker and with less hassle.

    And when something doesn’t go as planned, Schneider has local help available 24/7 so you can get the assistance you need.

  • Operate your preferred truck

    Bring a truck, buy a truck – the choice is yours

    Lease-on with Schneider and bring your truck with you. The only requirements are that your tractor(s) must be 2000 (2010 in California) or newer and pass DOT inspection.

    Still need a truck? Check out what Schneider has to offer in its used equipment inventory: Shop Schneider Used Trucks’ inventory.

  • Truck leasing options


    From leasing a new or gently used truck from SFI Trucks and Financing to purchasing a used truck from Schneider Used Trucks, owner-operators without a truck have options when they lease-on with Schneider: Truck financing options.