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Schneider Port Dray owner-operator lease opportunities

Port Dray

“[Schneider] definitely provides a lot of home time opportunities.”

Michael O’LearySchneider owner-operator
Schneider Port Dray owner-operator

Steady freight and home time.

Run your business in the ports. You and/or your drivers will get home daily and bring home bigger weekly settlements.

Reasons to be a Port Dray owner-operator or fleet owner at Schneider

  • More Options

    Local and Regional configurations

    It’s your business; you should be able to run it the way you want. As a Port Dray owner-operator or fleet owner with Schneider, you can. You’ll have the option of operating on a Local or Regional configuration. Choose the schedule that works for you and your business.

  • Home time

    Frequent and predictable time at home

    One of the advantages of operating in the ports is that you or your fleet enjoy frequent and predictable home time. Local Port Dray owner-operators get home daily, while Regional Port Dray owner-operators are typically home at least every other day. Fleet owners may have slip-seating options available with their truck in some markets.

  • Steady freight

    Most loads are drop-and-hook

    Your business will benefit from access to no-touch freight that’s available year-round. Whether you are on a Local or Regional configuration, you’ll haul drop-and-hook ocean containers to and from the ports. Schneider continues to grow its Port Dray freight base, creating more owner-operator and fleet owner opportunities in more areas.

  • Bigger money

    $100,000-$130,000 in annual revenue, depending on location

    Say goodbye to uncertainty when it comes your bottom line. Schneider Port Dray owner-operators bring home reliable weekly settlements. Each driver can average $100,000-$130,000 in annual revenue, depending on location.

  • Schneider Purchase Power Program®

    Discounts on operating expenses

    Take advantage of Schneider’s buying power and boost the bottom line of your business. Through the Schneider Purchase Power Program®, you’ll save thousands of dollars each year for each truck on fuel, tires, maintenance, insurance and more.

  • Tractor requirements

    Tractor age and condition

    Port Dray leases allow a tractor to be 2000 or newer. However, to be California CARB compliant, the tractor must be 2010 or newer. Tractor must pass DOT inspection.