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Our buying power is your advantage.

When doing business with Schneider, you get more than a huge selection of loads to choose from and the ability to control your future—you also get the buying power of a large, stable carrier. With the Schneider Purchase Power Program®, you’ll lower your business costs and increase your profit margin.

Save big on your truck(s)

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    By leasing their trucks to Schneider, and because they are hauling freight for one the largest trucking companies in North America, owner-operators and fleet owners get advantages with respect to fuel, such as discounts and other tools to help reduce costs at the pump.

    Fuel Surcharge Revenue
    • All-In Revenue Program (Van and Tanker owner-operators): Under this program, the fuel surcharge component is already included in your all-in rate.
    • Percentage Program (Van owner-operators): Owner-operators who choose this program receive 100% of fuel surcharge as posted on Schneider’s Choice Portal at the time the load is selected.
    • Mileage Program (Drayage owner-operators): Owner-operators on this program receive a straight fuel surcharge mileage rate based on the weekly Department of Energy (DOE) fuel average for the region in which the freight is hauled.
    Fuel discounts

    Schneider owner-operators and fleet owners can save thousands in fuel costs each year by using Schneider's truck stop network with at-the-pump discounts that are competitive with fleet discounts.

    Current fuel discounts include:

    • $.350/gallon discount at Pilot and Flying J
    • $.055/gallon discount at Kwik Trip, Petro, Love's and Travel Centers of America
    • $.10 additional discount on fuel purchased in California, Oregon, Arizona and Washington at Pilot and Flying J.
    Schneider-issued fuel card

    Schneider’s fuel card may help you better manage your cash flow. Purchase fuel and the cost will be taken out of your weekly settlement, rather than out of pocket. You still pay the fuel tax (IFTA), but Schneider will track and report your fuel tax records.

    Fuel optimizer

    Schneider’s free and optional fuel optimizer tool identifies the lowest-price fuel stops along your route so you know you’re getting the a great price every time you refuel.

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    Truck insurance

    Your truck and/or the trucks in your fleet are big investments. Schneider’s purchasing power gets you the some of the best overall price and coverage in the industry, with premiums deducted from your settlements. Below are examples of some of the coverages offered.

    Non-Trucking Auto Liability Insurance (Bobtail Insurance)

    Provides coverage for property damage or bodily injury you may inflict on another party when you are not under your motor carrier’s direction, control or dispatch.

    Physical Damage Insurance

    Provides coverage for damage from such perils as collision or comprehensive loss or damage to the truck itself.

    Occupational Accident Insurance

    Provides coverage for medical expenses, disability, accidental death and dismemberment for work-related and non-work-related injuries sustained while under contract.

    Please contact us at 920-592-3009 and select option six or email for more information on the insurance coverage Schneider offers.

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    Schneider maintenance program

    Owner-operators can take advantage of maintenance services offered at Schneider facilities. If Schneider is unable to provide service due to capacity or parts availability, we can provide a list of trusted vendors who offer competitive pricing and fast service.

    Some of the maintenance vendors that Schneider does business with include:

    • Travel Centers of America.
    • Good Year Commercial Tire & Service Centers.
    • Boss Truck Shops.
    • Love's Truck Care.
    • C&A Mobile Repair.
    • Velocity Truck Center (select locations).
    • Master‐Fleet (Green Bay location only).
    DOT-standard truck inspections at no cost

    Schneider owner-operators receive a full DOT-standard truck inspection every 90 days at no cost. Inspections can be performed either at a Schneider maintenance facility or any of the Schneider-approved locations listed above.

    Once completed, the shop that completed the inspection will send the bill directly to Schneider, along with your required truck inspection checklist. Only inspections that are done at Schneider facilities and Schneider-approved vendors are accepted.

  • Tire
    Tire discounts

    Schneider partners with tire suppliers to provide owner-operators with access to discounts on eligible tire brands at participating locations.

    Eligible brands include:

    • Goodyear.
    • Marathon.
    • Kelly.
    • Bridgestone.
    • Firestone.
    • Bandag.
    • Michelin.
    • BF Goodrich.
    • TA/Petro Direct Store program (includes several brands).

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    Quality chain program

    Schneider works with Quality Chain Corporation to provide owner-operators and fleet owners with discounts on tire chains for their winter traction needs. Discounts are included on chains, as well as shipping and handling costs.

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    Truck options

    Whether you already have a truck or are looking to upgrade, you have options when you do business with Schneider. Learn more about our truck requirements and leasing and purchasing options on our Truck Options page.