Essential work can’t stop — Schneider is leasing-on owner-operators. See more on our response.

Van Owner Operator Leasing Options


“I can’t think of one time where I actually had to sit because Schneider didn’t have any freight.”

Albert McDermottSchneider Owner-Operator
Van Owner Operator

Freedom to do things your way.

You and/or your drivers run where and when you want on Schneider’s Van Choice Lease program, choosing the loads that set you and your business up for success.

Reasons to be a Van owner-operator or fleet owner at Schneider

  • Choice lease

    Total control of your business and your bottom line

    Thousands of owner-operators and fleet owners have already discovered the uniqueness of Schneider’s Choice Lease. You won’t have to deal with dispatchers and brokers, and you’ll enjoy access to one of the largest and most diverse freight bases in the industry where 90% of loads are drop-and-hook. All you have to do is log into Schneider’s freight board exclusively for owner-operators and fleet owners, pick the load(s) you want and drive. Your schedule is completely up to you. Travel the country over-the-road style, stay close to home or mix and match — it’s your call.

    Terry and Sue Strauer, Team owner-operators
    “As far as enjoyment of the job, [owner-operator] is the way to go, especially the Choice Lease program. I was thinking of just running a couple more years, retiring and saying that’s it, but now since we can go where we want to go and do what we want to do, they just extended how long we plan to drive.”
    Terry and Sue Strauer, Team owner-operators
  • Pick your freight

    Nothing else like it in your industry

    Over 25 years ago, Schneider installed the industry’s first satellite system, so it’s no surprise that we’ve revolutionized the industry once again with the technology to enable owner-operators and fleet owners to pick their own freight from our industry-leading freight base.

    Schneider offers a user-friendly mobile application giving owner-operators and fleet owners the ability to select and manage loads on any smartphone, tablet or other device remotely, and never while operating a motor vehicle. The app allows you to view your current work assignments and settlement statements, search for loads and refer other drivers, owner-operators and fleet owners to Schneider.

    Christopher Powell, Van Owner-Operator
    “You control your own destiny. If you can’t make any money, it’s something you’re doing wrong or you’re in a bad area. If you’re in a bad area, go through a hot spot, you’ll find some freight, then go back home. You really do control your own destiny."
    Christopher Powell, Van Owner-Operator
  • Team

    Higher revenue potential running your business with a friend

    As team owner-operators on the Choice Lease, you still get to pick your freight and plan your tours, but you also have significantly greater revenue potential. Some team owner-operators with Schneider rack up $235,000 in annual revenue, while still maintaining total control of their business.

  • Bigger money

    The revenue to make your business a success

    As a team or solo owner-operator or a fleet owner on the Choice Lease, you control your revenue because you pick your freight and plan your tours. Many owner-operators leased with Schneider average $800 to $1,000 of revenue a day.

    • 65% of line-haul revenue
    • 100% fuel surcharge
    • 100% of accessorial
  • Schneider Purchase Power Program®

    Discounts on operating expenses

    Take advantage of Schneider’s buying power and boost the bottom line of your business. Through the Schneider Purchase Power Program®, you’ll save thousands of dollars each year for each truck on fuel, tires, maintenance, insurance and more.

  • Tractor requirements

    Tractor age and condition

    Tractor engine ages need to be 2010 or newer if you run Van Truckload. Tractor must pass DOT inspection.

    5th wheel requirements

    • Schneider approved sliding 5th wheel
    • Left side release
    • 12 inch slider minimum
    • 45-47 inch height from ground to top of 5th wheel plate (riser height could vary to achieve the 45-47 inch range height requirement)

No truck? No problem!

We know that as a business owner you have many options to own or lease your tractors, but know that SFITrucks and Financing offers low- or no-money-down programs to help you purchase or upgrade your rig. We make it our business to see your business succeed. Visit to learn more.