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Freedom to do things your way.

Choose the program that will work best for your business: Schneider’s All-In Revenue Choice program or Percent of Revenue Choice program.

About Schneider’s van owner-operator contracting jobs

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    All-In Revenue vs. Percent Revenue

    Choose the program that works best for you

    All-In Revenue program

    With the All-In Revenue Choice program, the freight owner-operators view and select has an all-in rate which means there’s no calculating fuel surcharge or accessorials. It’s a lot like broker boards, but without the headache of working with multiple brokers or the cost of operating under your own authority.

    Percent of Revenue program

    With the Percent of Revenue Choice program, owner-operators select loads with 65% of linehaul revenue. They also receive 100% of the fuel surcharge and 100% of the accessorials for each load.

    Solo Van Truckload revenue

    The current annual revenue potential for van owner-operators who do business with Schneider is $165,000-$175,000.

    Team Van Truckload revenue

    The current annual revenue potential for team owner-operators who do business with Schneider is $260,000-$270,000.

    Pick the program that will best help you reach your business’ revenue goals.

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    Schneider’s Load Board

    Pick the freight you want to haul

    Owner-operators on both the All-In Revenue and Percent of Revenue Choice programs have access to Schneider’s private load board, where 90% of van freight is drop and hook.

    Owner-operators who choose Schneider’s All-In Revenue Choice program have exclusive access to a larger variety of loads, including:

    • Dedicated loads.
    • Spot freight.
    • Surge freight.

    Using the load board is simple: log on with your smartphone, tablet or other device and pick the loads you want to haul. The freight you choose, the schedule you run and how often you get home is all up to you.

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      Do business by yourself or with a teammate

      Do business by yourself or with a teammate

      Whether you want to run your business as a solo or on a team, the decision is yours. Team owner-operators at Schneider often have a significantly greater revenue potential.

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      Schneider Purchase Power Program®

      Save on truck and business expenses

      Enjoy the option to take advantage of Schneider’s buying power. Through Schneider’s Purchase Power Program®, you can boost your business’ bottom line by saving up to thousands of dollars each year on things like fuel, tires, maintenance and more.

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      Tractor requirements

      Truck requirements at Schneider

      As a van owner-operator at Schneider, you must own or lease one or more tractors that are 2011 or newer. 

      Your truck’s engine must meet the EPA10 emissions requirement and pass a DOT inspection. 

      Your truck must have a Schneider-approved sliding fifth wheel that has: 

      • A left-side release. 
      • A 12-inch minimum slider. 
      • A 45-47-inch height from ground to the top of the fifth wheel plate (riser height could vary to achieve the 45-47-inch range height requirement). 
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      Reviews from current owner-operators

      Hear why van owner-operators do business with Schneider

      Hear from van owner-operators about how their business has grown since they started doing business with Schneider.

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      Truck leasing options


      From leasing a new or gently used truck from SFI Trucks and Financing to purchasing a used truck from Schneider Used Trucks, owner-operators without a truck have options at Schneider: Truck financing options.