A Schneider owner-operator poses in front of his truck


An owner-operator meets their advisor at Schneider orientation.

Your business success starts here.

Our mission is to help owner-operators and fleet owners build a trucking business that’s in it for the long haul. That’s why we offer an in-depth, paid orientation program to make sure you and your business are ready to roll.

Owner-operator and fleet owner orientation

You will be compensated for successfully completing Schneider’s owner-operator orientation before you hit the road. We will arrange and pay for your shared lodging during orientation. Your orientation schedule depends on what kind of business you will be running. Schedules range from four days for Van Truckload owner-operators to 12 days for Tanker owner-operators. During orientation, we’ll walk you and/or your drivers through the things that matter to you and your business. Then we’ll hand you the reins and let you run your business your way.

Meeting your advisor

During orientation, you will be introduced to your Independent Contractor Advisor. Your advisor will be there to support you while you're out on the road, assisting with issues concerning loads, compensation or anything else that may come up. He/she is your go-to person, no matter where you are.

Classroom orientation

In the classroom, you’ll get an introduction to Schneider's easy-to-use mobile communications system - which includes electronic logs -, a trip planning refresher and, most importantly, a review of safety tips. We’ll also provide you information about our facility procedures and anything else you’ll need to know as an owner-operator or fleet owner with Schneider.

Truck inspection

Your truck(s) will have a maintenance appointment and inspection (including DOT standards and regulations) to help protect your CSA rating. We will also install the mobile communication equipment and the base plate (if taken through Schneider).

Road test

After your truck passes inspection, you’ll be asked to take it out on the road for a skills qualification test. The test includes a pre-trip inspection, coupling/uncoupling procedures and a road course.

Before you arrive

You’ll be required to pass a DOT-mandated drug screen and physical prior to orientation. These are now offered at our Green Bay and Charlotte facilities. You’ll also need to fill out some processing forms. Ask which forms apply to you.